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The Man from ATO
by Russ Faure-Brac
October 23, 2014

Who is the man from ATO?
What clues can we find to help us know?

Did he drive an XKE and adore Jane Fonda
Or race down the road on top of his Honda?

Spaghetti and meatballs were a real delight
But did he drown in tomato sauce at the weekly food fight?

When the world's largest turd emerged from the shitter
Did he invent a cure, the ingenious Shit Splitter?

Did he drink Sanco Poco, with many bottles to follow
And abandon his date at the yearly Hog Wallow?

Did he like Peter, Paul and Mary while drinking Chablis?
Or prefer Sonny Terry and Brownie McGee?

Did he buy porno movies from some guy on the street
Driving all to the lockers to beat their meat?

Did he invent Big Bertha with its surgical tubing
That launched water balloons at anything moving?

Was he the Black or the Jew that to pledge we thought rational
But which got our butts kicked right out of the national?

So who is this man all wrapped into one?
He's a gentle soul who just likes to have fun

And for all of you out there, there's one thing I know
You spent the best years of your life at ATO